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Personal trainer Kenneth Kirkland discusses health accountability partners



Kenneth Kirkland is a personal trainer and the CEO of Trinity Conditioning.

The 27-year-old graduated from Tuskegee University with a degree in food and nutritional science. In 2015 Trinity Conditioning was born after Kirkland who was then 300 pounds decided to change his life. He built a relationship with God and axed bad habits, which resulted in him losing 105 pounds in 10 months. The drastic transition pushed him to create Trinity Conditioning.

The company’s mission is to assist people in achieving their personal goals, restoring trust in their bodies, and eliminating self-doubt by conditioning the mind, body and spirit with innovative and effective workouts. Rolling out spoke with Kirkland about healthy eating and accountability partners.

What do health and wellness mean to you?

In my opinion, health and wellness mean that an individual is overall conscious of and implements healthy eating habits, physical activity, and mental stimulation in their daily routine. Making healthy choices is tough sometimes because of time, convenience, skills, or lack of awareness. Becoming aware of what is healthy helps with decision making which will improve your health and wellness.

What does exercise represent to you?

Exercising represents a friend that will never abandon you. I once weighed 300 pounds and it was the friend along with the push from God to get me to lose 105 pounds in 10 months. It’s a great way to release your aggression and allows you to exert that energy without harming others. Exercising boosts your confidence and demonstrates self-love like a friend hyping your ego. Whenever you are sad, depressed, or eager to celebrate; exercising is a great resource to depend on. It also helps you clear your mind, formulate ideas, and practice execution which we need daily.

How have you developed health and wellness accountability partners?

I have developed health and wellness accountability partners through my passion for fitness. I am a personal trainer that holds others accountable with their eating habits, and exercise routines. I provide home and gym workout regimens, and six-day meal plans that will keep them on track toward their goals. We all need accountability, so I have them and other trainers I have met throughout my fitness journey keep me accountable.

How do you maintain healthy eating habits without making excuses?

I maintain healthy eating habits by remembering my past discomfort. I was once 300 pounds and I remember sweating from casual activities. That came from a lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. Now I eat with a purpose. I think of what the food will do to and for my body.

What preventive strategies can people implement into their daily routines?

A preventive strategy that I recommend to my clients and others is stretching. I suggest people make stretching apart of their morning regimen. When they wake up, pray, brush your teeth, and stretch. Stretching improves posture, decreases muscle stiffness, increases range of motion, and speeds up blood flow carrying nutrients the body needs.

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