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5 things successful Black women do over the weekend



Who doesn’t want or need time off? Even the most successful women have to take time to take a deep breath and exhale. However, for successful women, weekends are not always days off. Weekends are made to play catch on a lot of things that weren’t done during with week while on the grind. Being a “BOSS” requires just about all 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It’s all about balance. So what do successful women do over the weekend?

They finally get a chance to workout!
Successful women most definitely get up early daily, but that doesn’t mean they can always find time during the week to get a good workout. Exercising is one of the best ways to reduce the elevated stress levels from overworking during the week. Getting extra workouts during the weekend can help decrease even more stress and do the body good.

They spend much needed time with family and close friends.
What better way to spend the weekend than with those you love? During the week, successful women may not have been able to take phone calls or check on loved ones. The weekend is a good time to get together and unwind over dinner and drinks, along with a  few good laughs

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t sleep in.
The phrases “no days off” or “team no sleep” are ones you will hear almost daily from hardworking women who stay on the grind. However, that doesn’t mean that once the weekend comes, they get to sleep in. Typically the alarm clock goes off at the same time seven days a week. Early bird gets the worm. While the competition is sleeping in, the successful ones are up and getting to the money even on an early Saturday morning.

They volunteer
Giving back is definitely a “feel good” deed. Helping others make you forget about your own worries while allowing you to improve your own well-being and reduce stress levels. Who doesn’t smile and feel good while helping others?

They take vacations and girls trips
Successful people take vacations even if it’s just a quick getaway for a day or two to get a change of scenery. Just know the laptop is most definitely on vacation with them. Life is too short for all work and no play, but if you can take the work with you while you play, it makes life a little more enjoyable.

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