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6 ways to start your day so you can achieve more



There will be times when at the end of the day, you take inventory of what you accomplished and wish that you could have been more proactive and more productive.

Follow these steps every morning to help you achieve as much as you can every day.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is a major factor –  when wanting to maintain high energy levels and stay focused throughout the day. According to the, the average adult should get between seven to nine hours of sleep every night. When getting a full night’s rest, a person is more likely to have energy throughout the day and the number of distractions that are keeping you from accomplishing your objective will decrease.

Morning mindset. Start your day with positive affirmations. This can be reading a morning devotional, writing uplifting and motivational messages to yourself, or fining one thing that you can look forward to and get excited about for that day.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To prepare you to take on the day ahead and attend to your goals and necessities for the day, you must fuel your body. Foods that make a healthy breakfast include healthy fats, whole grains, and lean protein.

Meditate. Meditation is one of the most essential steps in the morning routine. Before taking on all of the obligations that you have for the day, take time to clear your mind. Put your phone down, turn off the TV, music or any other distractions, this is your time of peace. The length of your meditation process is solely up to you. The daily peace session can be as long as half of an hour or as short as 30 seconds.

Stay away from technology. If you sleep with your phone on or near your bed, the first thing you probably do in the morning is check it. The first thing you’re doing after opening your eye,s is catching up on what happened on social media while you were sleeping or checking your text messages and emails. This automatically causes you to lose focus and limit yourself for the day. Instead of waking up to your phone, get an alarm clock to take its place.

Have a to-do list already prepared. Have a plan for that day. Make sure the to-do list is complete before starting any task so that you know what all needs to be done that day. As you go through the day, feel the sense of satisfaction as you check off tasks completed.

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