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April 22 is Earth Day. Earth Day was first celebrated back in 1970 in hopes of Americans learning the effects of pollution on the Earth and finding ways to protect it. Earth Day is now a global celebration that brings many together in an attempt to save the Earth.

Walk or ride a bike instead of polluting the air with a car
Cars are a big part of the world’s pollution, so carpooling and public transportation can help.

Recycle as much plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard and paper as you can. Check with your local waste management company to see what you can recycle to help reduce excess waste.

Use stainless steel straws
About seven states have already banned the use of plastic straws with many others soon to follow. Stainless steel straws are being sold in stores across the nation although plastic straws haven’t been banned just yet.

Plant a tree or start a garden
Planting trees or starting a garden is a great team-building activity for a family, coworkers or community.

Avoid using plastic bags
Use reusable shopping bags whenever grocery shopping.

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