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A motorcycle club funds a mission



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – A motorcycle ride in Eastern Iowa on Saturday helped a charity that aids veterans of war gather funds.

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA), which has chapters across the nation, raises money each year through the Patriots Ride.

”We’ve built wheelchair ramps. We’ve assisted veterans—recently helping a veteran with his veterinary needs for his service dog. People reach out to us and we help when needed,” said Dan Galvin, Commander of the Cedar Rapids CVMA chapter. He said the group helps anywhere from 70 to 100+ veterans a year.

Sometimes it’s money, a tangible project, assisting veterans with benefit application papers, or putting them in touch with other resources.

In other instances, it’s a demonstration of unity.

“We’ve done rides to the Marshalltown Iowa Veterans Home, just let them know that the veterans are not forgotten.”

Galvin and Chris Rector, a fellow member of CVMA, are cognizant of the significance of demonstrating to veterans that they have not been abandoned.

“I’m a 24-year retired veteran. In the past, I’ve had the need of support from organizations like this,” said Galvin.

“I’ve gone through some really horrible missions and some really bad times,” said Rector. “I realized instantly that coming into the CVMA is just like being in another unit where I’ve got the brotherhood.”

Although this ride is their largest fundraiser of the year, Rector stated that they had no set goal in mind for the money they hoped to achieve. Their main goals were to educate people about their cause and to have fun.

“It’s a way of giving back to what’s been given to us,” said Galvin.
Here you may find out more about the CMVA’s Cedar Rapids chapter as well as methods to donate.