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A New Survey Says Cedar Rapids Is America’s 14th Best-Run City



Living in Cedar Rapids is sometimes challenging, as can be the case anywhere, but a new survey again shows it’s one of the best places to call home.

Cedar Rapids comes in on WalletHub’s list of the 150 Best-Run Cities in America at #14. They used 6 key categories to come up with their rankings including financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure/pollution.

In our highest individual category ratings over 38 key metrics,  Cedar Rapids was 26th for “Total Budget Per Capita”, 28th for “Economy” and 29th for “Quality of City Services”.

These are Cedar Rapids’ rankings in each particular category

  • Total Budget per Capita (26th)
  • Economy (28th)
  • Quality of City Services (29th)
  • Financial Stability (31st)
  • Safety (35th)
  • Health (66th)
  • Infrastructure & Pollution (83rd)
  • Education (92nd)

It’s a bit surprising we didn’t do better in education. Des Moines made the list, too, with scores following:

  • Health (51st)
  • Quality of City Services (59th)
  • Financial Stability (62nd)
  • Safety (64th)
  • Economy (66th)
  • Infrastructure and Pollution (70th)
  • Education (106th)

If you’re wondering where the very best-run cities are, look to Nampa, Idaho; Boise, Idaho; Provo, Utah; Las Cruces, New Mexico and Durham, North Carolina.

The worst-run city in America? Washington, D.C.

San Francisco; Gulfport, Mississippi; Chattanooga, TN and–surprise–New York City rounded out the “bottom 5”.


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