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ARPA funds can be accessed through Linn County and Cedar Rapids combined applications



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Linn County and the City of Cedar Rapids have started a combined application for ARPA funds from the federal government. ARPA funding is designed to assist qualifying state and local governments in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic effect and assisting our communities in recovering.

This collaborative effort accelerates the application process for candidates because they just have to fill out one application utilizing the joint application. Organizations intending to use this funds for projects or services must submit an application, which will be sent immediately to either Cedar Rapids or Linn County for evaluation.

Within the city of Cedar Rapids, city and Linn County personnel will work on those projects and review those bids. This will ensure the most efficient use of funding while also allowing projects to meet a wide range of community needs.

“We are extremely appreciative to have this funding available to help us address many important needs in our community. This joint application process will make it easy for organizations to apply, and for the City and County to work together to use the ARPA funds to achieve the greatest impact for residents,” said Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart.

”This has been an impressive collaboration between Linn County and the City of Cedar Rapids. The ARPA funding is a massive infusion of capital resources into our community, and our staffs have worked together seamlessly to create a joint application for the benefit of the entire county,” Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker said.

By noon on January 7, 2022, applications for this funding must be submitted. The application can be found at or through links on the City and Linn County websites.

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