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Artists create murals for healthcare workers outside Cedar Rapids’ Mercy Hospital



Two artists are hoping to bring joy to Mercy Hospital’s healthcare workers on the front lines against the coronavirus.

Mary Campbell and Kathy Kyle spent much of Saturday creating chalk murals on the top level of Mercy Hospitals parking ramp. They both are creating murals depicting the healthcare workers that can see the art from the building above.

“What a great excuse to do anything for them, so it’s just to bring a little smile to them,” Campbell said.

They say this gives them a chance to practice what they love, but at the same time, show support for helping healthcare heroes.

“Who knew something like this that I enjoy doing, really what we both enjoy doing could be something powerful for people right now. I think this was kind of born from the frustration of, ‘you know, I’m out of elastic, I can’t make more masks, what can I possibly do,’ at least this is something,” Kyle said.

Both artists are past winners of Mount Vernon’s Chalk the Walk competition.

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