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Iowa17 hours ago

Democrats in Iowa were compelled to cancel the caucus. Instead, they will covertly select a 2024 nominee over mail

Des Moines, Iowa – Democrats in Iowa are selecting their presidential nominee with much less fanfare this year, and it’s...

Local News2 days ago

Expanding Wildcat Bluff Recreation Area is a goal for Benton County Conservation

Benton County, Iowa – A well-liked park’s area is intended to be doubled by Benton County Conservation. Popular activities in...

Local News3 days ago

The president of the Iowa City School Board talks about Hills Elementary’s retirement

Hills, Iowa – According to the president of the Iowa City School Board, eliminating the Hills primary school might help...

Local News4 days ago

Two Leap Day Babies are welcomed by Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids welcomed two new members on Leap Day. The babies are...

Local News5 days ago

Iowa City School District announces its intention to “retire” Hills Elementary

Hills, Iowa – “I hope they don’t close it down; honestly, it’s the nicest and closest school around here,” said...

Local News6 days ago

Business in Iowa claims that the “Billion Pill Pledge” can cut opioid use by 70%

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Attorney General Brenna Bird of Iowa was joined on Monday by representatives from the medical community...

Local News7 days ago

Film exhibition in Iowa City “elevates” the voices of community-affecting locals

Iowa City, Iowa – Sunday, narratives of individuals striving to create a more self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable environment in Iowa...

Local News1 week ago

Check out this Fareway Cooking Segment to find out what foods are healthy for your eyes

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Different foods are excellent for maintaining the health of different body parts. Different foods contain nutrients...

Iowa1 week ago

Introspection on the Dubuque Humane Society’s efforts to eradicate breed prejudice

Dubuque, Iowa – Unaware of Athena’s breed, Laura Feipel, a volunteer at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society, adopted her last...

Local News1 week ago

A New Art Installation in Cedar Rapids’ Metropolitan Lobby

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The Metropolitan, which is tucked away on Cedar Rapids’ west side, is launching a brand-new creative...