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Local News16 hours ago

An increase in temperature puts older persons at risk for heat-related diseases

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Individuals 65 years of age and above are particularly susceptible to the effects of rising temperatures....

Local News2 days ago

LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce organizes a launch in Dubuque

Dubuque, Iowa – Dubuque business owners had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Iowa LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce...

Local News3 days ago

Woman from Cedar Rapids passes away while hiking on a Colorado trail, triggering a heat advisory

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – A heat dome that enveloped parts of the American West and raised temperatures in several states...

Local News4 days ago

The public is debating the Coralville Recreation Center’s future choices

Coralville, Iowa – Coralville is expanding, and local leaders believe it is time for a civic facility to keep up...

Local News5 days ago

A federal judge will determine the constitutionality of Iowa’s immigration statute

Des Moines, Iowa – On Monday, advocates for immigration rights and the federal government urged a federal court to prevent...

Local News6 days ago

“Safe Home,” initiative launched by Linn County Public Health

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The Safe Home Program was introduced this week by Linn County Public Health, Cedar Valley Habitat...

Local News7 days ago

A gathering of Mustang Invasion aficionados takes place in Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls, Iowa – This past Sunday was one of the biggest motorsports gatherings in the Cedar Valley for the...

Local News1 week ago

An environmental group in Iowa is resisting the carbon pipeline

Des Moines, Iowa – Developer Conclave In Iowa, Carbon Solutions intends to construct a carbon capture pipeline project. The Sierra...

Local News1 week ago

A nonprofit organization enables blind people to enjoy live theater

Iowa City, Iowa – Through a special service, a nonprofit organization in Iowa is assisting blind individuals in enjoying live...

Local News1 week ago

Two historic aircraft will be flown into Cedar Rapids’ Eastern Iowa Airport

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – On Thursday, two historic aircraft from almost a century ago will be flown into Cedar Rapids’...