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Cedar Rapids Is in Need of Cloth Masks



According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette newspaper, Cedar Rapids is calling on community volunteers to create and donate cloth masks.”

Here in Cedar Rapids, there are members of our community that are in need of a mask and can’t find any. There is also a number of service agency’s look for masks and the city is hoping we can help.

There are 3 drop-off locations and donations will be accepted through May 15th. If you can help, these are the spots to drop off at:

  • City Hall on the corner of First Avenue SE and First Street SE
  • City Services Center at 500 15th Avenue SW
  • The Water Administration Building at 1111 Shaver Road NE

I sure hope this will help get the word out. We all want to make sure everyone is safe during this time in our world.

To read the full story, check out the Cedar Rapids Gazette story on page 9A.


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