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Cedar Rapids police reminding residents to lock their vehicles due to recent increase in thefts



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The Cedar Rapids Police Department is reminding residents to keep their car doors locked while out of their vehicles.

The warning comes after a significant increase in complaints of thefts from cars over the previous two weeks.

“There is a common thread among the majority of these thefts; valuables left in sight while parked at shopping malls, workout facilities, trailheads and other parking lots where cars are concentrated and not attended for long periods of time,” police investigators said in a news release.

The police advise securing your vehicle while you’re gone from it and either taking your valuables with you or hiding them somewhere safe.

“Cedar Rapids Police regularly patrol these areas but thieves can survey a parking lot and strike in just a few moments making prevention critically important,” authorities said.

Additional advice for avoiding becoming a victim of these crimes includes parking in well-lit places with surveillance cameras and remaining alert for anything that seems to be out of place.

Thefts from your car may be reported by contacting the Cedar Rapids Police Department’s non-emergency line at 319-286-5491 or by dialing 911.

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