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Cedar Rapids residents enjoying the hot weather



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – On Wednesday, scorching heat didn’t keep everyone indoors. People got an early start on some outside activities before the weather got intolerable.

Jamie Day took students from Summit Schools’ summer program to Noelridge Park’s splash pad to cool off.

“It can take a 90-degree day like this and make it feel very comfortable to be outside. Like we wouldn’t be able to be out here and be having this much fun if we didn’t have this,” said Day.

The ice cream truck, another favorite summer ritual, made its rounds today. Cleo Close has been a Peppy’s Ice Cream driver for 14 years.

“I am going to start the day with hitting the splash pads, and the parks if I can,” said Close.

It’s all about sharing happiness, one frozen treat at a time, for Close.

“It’s awesome, I’m wanted now. You know it’s great, it’s fun to be wanted,” said Close.

The pandemic caused a product shortage, according to Close, but she sells all of the ice cream she can get her hands on.

“It’s fun to be around the kids you know and make them happy,” Close said.

Summer camp leaders, according to Day, planned ahead today to avoid the heat.

“Usually we would come down in the afternoon, like yesterday we out here at like 1 o’clock. So we came down in the morning today because we knew it was going to be, it was going to be really hot today,” said Day.

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