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Cedar Rapids residents informed about new snow clearing protocol



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – This winter, the City of Cedar Rapids is informing residents of a new snow clearing protocol.

In July 2021, the Cedar Rapids Municipal Code was updated to include the following guidelines:

  • Reduced timeframe for snow clearance. Property owners have 24 hours after a storm to clean snow and ice off sidewalks.
  • New civil citation and formal appeal process. An inspector may appear as soon as 48 hours following a snow or ice storm if the city gets a report of sidewalks with leftover snow and ice. A new $35 civil ticket will be given if the sidewalk is not in compliance.
  • New language. Property owners must clear the whole width of abutting sidewalks and ramps, according to the ordinance.
  • The initial abatement fee is unchanged. The abatement fee remains the same as in past years. If a sidewalk is determined to be out of compliance during an inspection, a snow removal crew will be dispatched the next day to clean it. If the sidewalk stays out of compliance and the City is required to remove snow and/or ice, the initial fee will be $313, depending on the amount of work.

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