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Fort Worth ISD elementary schools implement innovative safety initiative



The Fort Worth Independent School District’s elementary schools are set to embark on a revolutionary safety initiative aimed at addressing an issue that has been a persistent challenge. While the district’s middle and high schools have officers assigned to maintain institutional security, the younger age range of students in the district, spanning across 80 elementary schools, is yet to be afforded similar protection. However, the non-profit organization Texans Against School Violence (TAVS) is seeking to bridge this gap by appointing off-duty Fort Worth police officers, each chosen with great care and diligence, to serve in these schools.

Tanglewood Elementary, one of the schools to benefit from this initiative, has already witnessed a palpable sense of solidarity emanating from the presence of these officers. Parents, as well as members of the community, have attested to the positive impact that these police officers have had in fostering a safer environment for both the children and teachers.

Amber Spurgeon, the founder and president of TAVS, disclosed that their initiative was borne out of a concern for the safety gap that exists in elementary schools across the state, and the urgent need to address this issue. With privately funded efforts, TAVS has made remarkable progress in stationing an officer in almost every school. Ten off-duty Fort Worth police officers have already been enlisted, and they have undergone extensive training on safety management while building an engaging relationship with students and staff.

TAVS is striving to build relationships with the children by appointing officers as confidants, whose role is to provide intellectual and emotional support, without being disciplinarians. Deputy Chief Buck Wheeler has been instrumental in developing a robust curriculum that combines safety, community, and curriculum, making TAVS’s program a model for other schools and communities.

Texan lawmakers are supporting a bill to increase school security funding, such as House Bill 3, which requires every Texas school to have armed security measures. TAVS is delighted that lawmakers are taking steps to prioritize school safety. Additionally, TAVS is advocating for cost adjustments based on pilot programs, with the hope that their pilot project cost will get some consideration.

TAVS’s groundbreaking program will serve as a benchmark for the State of Texas, and parents and the community are optimistic that similar initiatives will be replicated to mitigate safety threats to young children in schools. Children need protection and nurturing, and TAVS and their initiative have demonstrated that everyone can contribute to creating a safer environment for children. School safety is a critical issue, and TAVS is committed to reducing the financial burden while offering feasible solutions that will secure the safety of elementary schools once and for all.


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