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Governor addresses worries about a new law raised by law enforcement



Des Moines, Iowa – Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds announced that additional details, maybe in the form of guidelines or legislation, may be forthcoming to support law enforcement in enforcing a new rule that criminalizes remaining in the state after someone has been previously deported or refused entry into the nation.

The move is part of Republican governors’ nationwide campaign to draw attention to what they see as President Joe Biden’s administration’s lack of action in stopping undocumented immigrants from entering the country.

“Of course, we’ll continue to work with them,” Reynolds said Wednesday when asked about questions raised by law enforcement about the implementation of the new law.

Gray TV Iowa was previously informed by Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper that his department will enforce the new rule. However, he questions if law enforcement agencies around the state have the tools required to identify those who are in the country illegally and to take them to an airport.

According to Reynolds, police enforcement will receive the data they need to carry out these new responsibilities.

“If we need additional legislation. Or if we need to address and provide some rulemaking authority. Or whatever we need to do, we will,” she said.

Reynolds responded to a question about where law enforcement would obtain the data necessary to ascertain a person’s legal status in the nation by saying, “We’ll work with (Department of Public Safety Commissioner Stephan) Bayens and we’ll make sure that the information gets out to law enforcement.”

A similar law that was previously passed by Texas is currently being contested in court. The law in Iowa will go into force on July 1st.