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Hy-Vee gives the Northeast Iowa Food Bank a donation of over $139,000



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Hy-Vee gave a substantial $139,000 donation to the NorthEast Iowa Food Bank on Friday.

This donation is a part of the grocery store’s 100-million-meal challenge, which is partially funded by additional donations from patrons and staff members as well as these Hy-Vee shoppers in the Cedar Falls area who round up their purchases at the register.

The money will be divided among the 170 non-profit organizations and programs run by the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

Our goal is to reach the estimated 25,000 individuals in Northeast Iowa who are food insecure. However, with someone in need of food, you never know what will happen.

The contribution is a component of Hy-Vee’s collaboration with food banks in the eight states where its stores are located.

It also happens to be the result of Governor Kim Reynolds’ announcement two days ago that she will be allocating $900,000 for feeding locations this summer at schools and organizations that serve communities where half the children are from low-income households.

The federal government offered her $29 million for a summer EBT feeding program, but she turned it down.

We continued to observe larger numbers at our pantries when the summer EBT program was implemented. We can be certain that those numbers will remain higher in the absence of funding.

In addition to this check, Barbara Prather continues to appreciate any assistance the state may provide in putting an end to food insecurity. According to Hy-Vee, every $1 donated can provide ten meals for individuals in need.