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Iowa Family Trying to Find Man Who Saved Their Home



A central Iowa couple is thankful for a man who raced to their aid on the 4th of July, even though they weren’t even home.

Carolyn Ware and her husband, of Grimes, Iowa, were out of town for the holiday when the man above was apparently driving by and saw that the attached garage of their home was on fire.

He ran up the sidewalk to their house and repeatedly rang their Ring doorbell. He can also be seen appearing to frantically look inside a window to see if he could see anyone inside. Both the Ware’s and their neighbors were gone at the time. Even though no one was inside the home, Carolyn Ware’s Ring doorbell gave her an alert on her cellphone.

People at the scene say the unidentified man was driving a black Kia and stopped to make sure no one was inside the house after seeing the fire. He called emergency personnel and even stayed until law enforcement arrived on the scene, where firefighters saved the home. But who is the man? Carolyn Ware wants to know. Ware told WHO-TV,As fast as they came and as fast as the fire started, my house would have been burnt down… I would love to meet him. I would just love to say thank you.

There are a lot of great people in this world, and this guy is one of them.


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