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Iowa Republicans seek to increase party support at the state convention



Clive, Iowa – Six months remain until the election in November, and Iowa Republicans are attempting to hold onto their supermajorities. Saturday’s State Convention in Clive was where the party unveiled its agenda and garnered support for important contests.

With over a thousand delegates present, the party hopes to energize them all for November. One way that leaders accomplished this was by wholeheartedly endorsing the former president Donald Trump.

“If you want to stop this woke, crazy crap, you’ve got one choice,” said Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann. “It is Donald J. Trump.”

“He is a fighter,” echoed Gov. Kim Reynolds, who endorsed former candidate Ron DeSantis in the state’s GOP caucuses. “He is a leader. He will close the border on day one.”

The present congressional delegation from Iowa spoke at the conference on topics that are popular with voters.

“So the questions I know you’re all asking yourself come November: Is my utility bill lower? Are my groceries affordable? Can I afford to put gas in my car? Am I safer?,” said 2nd District Rep. Ashley Hinson.

“Remain in Mexico, end catch-and-release, support Customs and Border Patrol,” 3rd District Rep. Zach Nunn mentioned. “All things the President could do right now. All things that were the first bills that we passed in the House.”

Not every Republican nominee in Iowa has an easy road to victory. A chief rival will be faced by two of them.

Running to replace Mariannette Miller-Meeks in the First District, David Pautsch, the organizer of the yearly Quad Cities Prayer Breakfast, claims he is fed up with conservatives who go off to Congress and “vote like Communists.”

“What Congress needs to do is step up and use the power of the purse to back Biden into a corner and say, ‘You’re not going to get away with this.’ You are not going to continue violating your Constitutional oath. He needs to be arrested.”

Miller-Meeks, who spent ten years working to flip District 1, claims her work speaks for itself.

“And if you think that I’m going to let it go back in to Democrat hands, you must believe Hillary Clinton when she said she had nothing to do with Benghazi or Biden when he says he’s not going to raise taxes,” Miller-Meeks said.

In District 4, former CIA officer Kevin Virgil is vying to dethrone Republican nominee Randy Feenstra. Feenstra did not attend since he was still recovering from a blood clot removal surgery.

On Saturday, Iowa Democrats chose the delegates they will send to the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Chicago later this summer.