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Iowans on all sides gather to watch contentious presidential debate




President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden went head-to-head Tuesday in the first of three presidential debates ahead of the general election.

The pair shared contentious and sometimes heated exchanges about the Supreme Court, health care, the coronavirus pandemic and more.

In central Iowa, supporters of both candidates gathered to watch the showdown.

At Jethro’s BBQ ‘n Jambalaya, a loud and proud group met to cheer for Trump. Biden supporters held a socially distanced watch party on Drake University’s campus.

Trump’s supporters said the debate proved that the president was only person on stage fit to be president.

“We knew it would be somewhat comical because Trump is strong,” said Michelle Kritenbrink, who supports the president. “I follow that man every day and every night. I go home to see what he has said, so when Joe Biden says Trump does not know what he is talking about … I have been following the man this whole entire time.”

Meanwhile, members of Drake Democrats said Joe Biden is the only candidate who acted presidential and stayed on topic during important questions.

“Just the denial coming from Trump,” Drake Democrat Darby Holroyd said. “He doesn’t seem to think this is real and that mask-wearing isn’t real or all that beneficial. Just the denial. Biden would say here are the numbers and Trump would say that is not the course the country would be going.”

A recent CBS News poll of likely voters found only 6% of people said they were watching to decide who to vote for.

The rest had already made up their minds.

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