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Judge will hear the decision in the cold case in Cedar Rapids



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Curtis Padgett, 42, is on trial, and a verdict hearing has been scheduled by a Linn County judge.

In connection with his neighbor Dennis First’s 2007 death, Padgett is accused of first-degree murder. The first was 64.

On May 3, at 11:00 a.m., the judge will read his verdict in the Linn County Courthouse in Cedar Rapids.

In May 2007, Padgett is charged with killing First by stabbing him inside his apartment at the Hawthorne Hills Apartments on C Street SW. It was not until March 2023 that Padgett was charged in this case.

The prosecution contended during last month’s closing statements that Padgett’s conduct unquestionably demonstrated premeditation, pointing to the numerous knife wounds and instances of blunt force trauma that resulted in First’s death.

The defense contended that First’s violent death and the use of a knife do not demonstrate malice or forethought, but rather that the murderer may have been acting in a moment of rage.

Padgett chose a bench trial, therefore the court, not a jury, would decide whether or not he is guilty.

Padgett will automatically receive a life sentence if found guilty.