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Lady from Iowa will run the 4x4x48 challenge for the third consecutive year



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – For the third year in a row, a woman from Cedar Rapids is taking to the streets to run a 4x4x48 challenge, and she’s doing it for charity. This Friday at 8 p.m., Vanessa Vega will begin the challenge, which entails running four miles every four hours for 48 hours.

It all began when Vega launched the challenge in 2022. The initial goal was to gather funds for the establishment of a free school for kids in Sierra Leone, Africa.

The current objective is to keep the school open.

The school now has over 200 kids, up from just 74 before the event last year.

Vega stated that they hope to raise $20,000 this year as well. Sufficient to sustain the school for a complete year.

”They are just absolutely thriving. They want to be in school, it is, it is such a joy to see the growth that has happened so far in the school,” said Vega. “We want to continue to see it grow. It just helps the sustainability for the school and it’s also a really cool, fun, hard event for people that, you know, want to want to reach a goal physically as well.”

On June 9th at 4 PM, Vega will have its final 4-mile run. You can choose to participate in only one of the twelve four-mile runs if you’re interested in doing the entire challenge.