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Lesbians and queer people of color take over New Orleans for legendary weekend



In a global climate where marginalized people are struggling for representation and are under attack, two groups continue to have difficulty being heard: the LGBTQ community and women of color.

To recognize diversity gender identity, we replace the “e’ in women with an “x.” Further, finding yourself at the cross section of these two groups compounds the need for allies and resources. Meanwhile, gentrification in neighborhoods that could at one time host events for womxn, has increased the elimination of spaces.

The Weekend Soiree, founded by business school classmates Imani Grant and Mary Fuller, is safe space reimagined. The Weekend Soiree was born out of the need to create a space that catered to the needs and interests of LGBTQ womxn of color.

This year’s retreat, “Bedlam in the Big Easy,” descends on New Orleans from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.  The retreat boasts more than 50 activities, nine signature events and countless surprises.

The combination of daytime workshops and thoughtful evening social experiences provide a multidimensional experience. Myriad workshops cover topics that impact the multidimensional queer womxn. A sample of the workshops includes “Unpacking Religious Baggage,” “Family Planning Panel,” “Letters to our Masculinity” and “The Feminine of Center Experience.”

In addition to the workshops, a “Set It Off” scavenger hunt; a group psychic reading; tantric yoga; “The Queerly Wed Game,” a spinoff of the classic TV show, “The Newlywed Game”; a “Wicked and Wondrous Comedy Show”; and the highly anticipated “Sinners and Saints Weekender Masquerade Ball” deejayed by AzMarie Livingston also await “Weekenders.”

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