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Linn County Correctional Center trying to get court orders to release prisoners negative for Covid-19



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – As COVID-19 cases grow at the jail, the Linn County Correctional Center said on Friday that it is working to get court orders to release a number of convicts currently serving sentence.

There are currently 18 prisoners who have tested positive to COVID-19, according to officials. According to the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, their symptoms are being identified and treated as needed, although the majority of inmates are asymptomatic. An additional 19 prisoners are being quarantined after being exposed to COVID-19.

These prisoners are held in various dormitory-style cell blocks inside the facility, according to officials, and have tested negative for COVID-19. Officials also stated that releasing some of them will allow for more distance among quarantined prisoners.

Inmates who will be released will have 48 hours to contact the Linn County Sheriff’s Office to reschedule any remaining jail time.

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