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Major companies including federal government to require vaccination proof from employees



As Covid-19 cases surge across the U.S., employers start to lose their patience with unvaccinated workers

Employers were encouraging for months their workers to get the Covid-19 vaccine shot, and now they’re changing their policies requiring negative Covid-19 test from unvaccinated workers.

The state governments of New York and California, the federal government, Facebook, Google, the NFL and the Walt Disney Co. are among the employees requiring vaccines.

While ones are requiring vaccines, companies that rely on low-income workers fear this mandates will drive away employees causing them to shut down businesses.

For instance, Tyson Foods hosted about 100 vaccination events since February and half of their employees have received shots. Company officials said they’ll not impose a vaccination mandate.

Tyson Foods, for instance, said about half of its U.S. workforce — 56,000 employees — has received shots after the meat and poultry processor hosted more than 100 vaccination events since February. But the company said it has no plans to impose a mandate to reach the other half.

Two of the largest private employers in U.S., Walmart and Amazon, also refused to require from their workers to get vaccinated.

Last week, President Joe Biden said that all federal contractors and employees must get Covid-19 vaccines shot. He also announced that weekly tests will be covered by the federal government.

According to the latest U.S. survey, less than 10% of businesses said they’ll require all staff to be vaccinated.

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