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Man charged after firing projectiles at officers



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Officers in Cedar Rapids arrested a man on multiple charges on Wednesday after he shot projectiles at them with a pellet or BB pistol.

Cedar Rapids police were responding to a prior incident in the 1500 block of Second Avenue SE when Leo W. Bushnell, 36, opened fire with a projectile at police, according to reports. Authorities traced the source of the fire to Bushnell, but he kept refusing to open the door when they tried to get him to.

After the officers couldn’t persuade Bushnell to surrender despite many efforts, the Cedar Rapids Police Department’s Special Response Team was sent to the scene.

A search warrant was obtained and forced entry into the residence was performed. Mr. Bushnell fired another shot from a BB or pellet gun, which hit an officer in the hand and injured him. According to the report, the Special Response Team used “munitions that were less than lethal” to subdue Mr. Bushnell.

At the scene, police found a number of BB guns and pellet guns. Authorities say that one of the guns could shoot projectiles with a caliber of 22.

Bushnell was charged with two counts of Assault on a Peace Officer, two counts of Criminal Mischief in the second degree, and one count of Possession of an Incendiary Device.

The filing of more charges is likely.

The investigation is ongoing.

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