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Many Cedar Rapids trails will reopen for National Trails Day



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – A reopening, ribbon cutting ceremony is planned on Nature Center’s patio by the Cedar Overlook Trail & Sycamore Loop Thursday at 5 p.m.

Many of the trails will be already reopened for National Trails Day on Saturday.

Following the devastation caused by the derecho last August, the Indian Creek Nature Center’s land staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to clear debris, restore, and reroute damaged trails.

“The support of our members, donors and volunteers has been incredible. Thanks to their dedication to our mission, we are able to not only re-open a portion of our trails, but also improve them for future generations. Land restoration and protection is a critical piece of our mission to create champions of nature. We are grateful to all who support that work,” says Executive Director John Myers.

“The storm was no doubt devastating to our trail system, but even before the derecho, parts of the old trails were not sustainable or ideal. The derecho gave our team the opportunity to reimagine the trails’ importance and their impact on the landscape. In our work to restore or recreate our trails, we have been able to improve them both for better user-experience and for the long-term health of the environment,” says ICNC Trail Manager Jason Bies.

Hikers should stay on the marked trails and avoid any closures for their safety and for the health of the trail and surrounding environment.

More information will be provided when more trails are restored and redirected over the summer.

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