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Millions of dollars in research funding are given to the University of Northern Iowa’s physics faculty



Cedar Falls, Iowa – The University of Northern Iowa is assisting physics students in getting ready for their post-graduation journeys with grant money worth millions of dollars.

Undergraduate study in UNI’s Physics department revolves around research. Some of those students will now receive compensation for their work, thanks to the several awards that the university has received.

“The nice thing, of course, is that we’re able to pay them competitive salaries. In science and everything else I tell my students, don’t work for free,” said Physics Professor Tim Kidd.

The Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation are contributing more than $20 million. It includes three continuing physics research (one of which examines manufacturing and agriculture) that have been going on since 2007.

“Learn things in their field because when they get out of here, at least my students, I’ve got 100% placement rate,” said Prof. Kidd. “We are creating a skilled labor force that companies like and I really hope those companies in Iowa take advantage of this.”

According to professors, this funding will support cooperation outside of UNI in the areas of biomanufacturing and engineering research.

“We collaborate with people from Iowa State University, we collaborate with people from Texas Tech University, and there are internal collaborations as well,” said Physics Professor Paul Shand.