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Most of Iowa now covered in at least 6 inches of snow



An impressive Winter, even for Midwest standards, continues to unfold across the state.

A wide swath of the Hawkeye State is now covered with at least six inches of snow.

Cedar Rapids has now spent 30 straight days with at least 3 inches of snow on the ground.

While snow totals haven’t been record-setting, the impressive snow coverage does stand out. Nearly the entire state has been covered by at least 3 inches of snow twice this winter.

Between HWY 20 and I-80, we’ve been able to withstand the melting period between events thanks to our area seeing some of the deepest snow. Most of the melting has been occurring in southern and northwestern Iowa.

Looking ahead, the pattern remains active with another winter storm looming this weekend.

Even further ahead, the first part of February continues to advertise active weather with above normal precipitation in the forecast.

We will be paying very close attention as the snowpack continues to build and we approach spring, as any quick melting event could lead to flood concerns down the road.

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