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Nonprofit plans to launch a sober living facility for veterans in Cedar Rapids



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – A recently established nonprofit seeks to provide support to veterans experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and substance addiction disorders.

At 110 16th Street NE, The Patriot Recovery Residences announced that it would operate its first sober living facility at the end of the month. The Patriot is the name of the residence.

Jeremy Lutheran, a 20-year veteran of the military, and his girlfriend Tiffany Bauer began this endeavor last year.

“It’s been difficult, there’s a that you have to learn,” said Lutheran.

Thirteen individuals in total—eight men and five women—will reside in the residence. All veterans who have experienced homelessness, mental illness, or substance misuse. $500 a month would be the rent.

“It would be a short stay, probably about 18 months,” said Lutheran.

“We are trying to make a safe place for someone to come and get their heart right,” said Bauer.

Lutheran, who served in the military for twenty years, said he never intended to build a sober living home for veterans, but he was compelled to act after experiencing his own struggles with alcoholism and mental illness.

“A lot of people kind of lose their sense of purpose after they separate from the military and then family issues arise, it just kind of seems like if they don’t have anybody they just turn to whatever works,” said Lutheran.

“It was heartbreaking just that he’s such a good man, and he has such a givers heart,” said Bauer.

Lutheran added that one way he can ensure that future veterans won’t have to experience the same struggles he has is by opening this home and providing this resource.

“After you get lost in substance abuse and mental health issues, it’s kind of hard to pull yourself out of it,” said Lutheran.

Before they can formally open, the two still need to get the necessary papers for their 501c3 designation, but he explained that this is his way of honoring the veterans.

“I guess just knowing that I am capable of helping out, kind of makes me responsible to help out,” he said.