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One Cedar Rapids organization will get a $100,000 donation



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Fifty Cedar Rapids companies have joined together to donate $100,000 to a non-profit in the Cedar Rapids region. It is part of a new project known as Grand Impact. Each participating company contributed a total of 2,000 dollars.

Any human services 501(c)(3) organization that provides services in the target region is eligible to apply for the donation. The candidates will be narrowed down to three non-profit organizations by the judges. Theatre Cedar Rapids will host a presentation on May 11th in which the final three non-profits will present their solution to an issue that has recently emerged to a group of 50 companies. Later, a vote will be held among the fifty firms to choose which non-profit organization will get the $100,000 award.

Volunteers founded Grand Impact in order to make a difference. The steering committee for Grand Impact is expected to be focused on non-profits that assist the most disadvantaged members of society. The organization wants to help people who have new problems or problems that get worse that aren’t obvious to everyone else.

To submit an application for the donation, visit this page.

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