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Leigh Williams
Leigh is the Publisher at MDMH Cedar Rapids. He was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Journalism. When he isn’t at his desk, you will find him watching sports or his all-time favorite series Friends.

Kenny Rios
Kenny is the Editor-in-Chief at MDMH Cedar Rapids. You can see him everywhere around working literally around the clock. He is experienced editor with years in the journalism industry.

Amy Taylor
Staff writer
Amy is a staff writer based in Cedar Rapids, who has been with MDMH Cedar Rapids since two years ago. As a financial advisor, she has been working for multiple companies over the years. Two years ago, she finally decided to pursue her passion for writing.

Marilyn Stewart
Part-time reporter
Marilyn is a writer living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In addition to MDMH Cedar Rapids, she has written for USA Today, The List, Woman’s World and more.