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People in Cedar Rapids can get free lunch from a food truck



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – To assist families in an area that is set to become a food desert, a man from Cedar Rapids opened the food truck he co-owns without charging anything.

Greg Wild, a resident of Cedar Rapids, expressed his desire to give back to his childhood neighborhood. In Cedar Rapids, he and a few volunteers distributed free meals from the food truck Wild’r Eatery in the Hy-Vee parking lot on First Avenue.

The shop would close on June 23rd, the company stated earlier this month. A sizable portion of the city will no longer have easy access to a food shop as a result of this shutdown.

Although Wild admits that was a surprise to him when he selected the prize location, he believes it elevated the significance of today.

“Hopefully, it’s gonna help some people today. Obviously, that’s not a long-term solution but unfortunately, there’s gonna have to be more of this kind of giving to these communities,” Wild said.

According to Wild, he intends to repeat this at several sites in Cedar Rapids at least once a month.