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Police warning of “Grandparent Scam” phone calls



Cedar Rapids and Marion Police are warning of the “Grandparents Scam” phone calls circulating.

This is a scam where the caller pretends to be a grandchild who was just in a car crash that injured someone else.

The “grandchild” might say they’re in jail and then puts their “attorney” on the phone. The “attorney” asks for a large amount of money for bail.

They also say that there’s a gag order in place (meaning the victim isn’t allowed to discuss it with anybody else).

The scammer could offer to send a “courier” to the victim’s house to pick up the money or ask for the money to be sent a different way.

If you get a phone call like this, hang up. Call your son, daughter, or grandchild. They can confirm that nothing like the scammer said has happened.

You can also call your local police or sheriff’s department. They can also confirm that it’s a scam. Never give out any personal or financial information over the phone.

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