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Remy Cocktails & Meat set to open in San Diego’s Mission Valley



The demise of San Diego’s beloved Hunter Steakhouse in Mission Valley last year left a gaping hole in the hearts of locals who cherished its classic steakhouse charm. However, the announcement of a new concept, The Remy Cocktails & Meat, is set to reignite that flame and recapture that nostalgic ambience with a modern twist.

Jonathan Frank, co-owner of Home & Away restaurants in Old Town and Encinitas, seized the opportunity to resurrect the iconic venue and has spent the past year meticulously renovating the space to create an upscale, elegant dining experience that will transport guests back to a bygone era of indulgence and glamour, according to Dallas Press News.

Set to open its doors to the public on May 5, 2023, The Remy promises to tantalize diners’ taste buds with a traditional steakhouse menu, featuring the highest quality grilled steaks, fresh seafood from local and imported sources, and a delectable selection of sides and appetizers. Diners will also be able to enjoy a full bar that emphasizes exquisite cocktails and a global wine list.

With its lavish wood accents and plush leather booths, The Remy exudes an opulent, high-end atmosphere that is sure to captivate diners from the moment they walk through its doors. The restaurant’s sophisticated ambiance offers an intimate setting that beckons diners to unwind, relax and indulge in a memorable dining experience that is second to none.

The Remy is located at 2445 Hotel Circle Place, off the I-8 freeway, in the heart of San Diego’s Mission Valley, and promises to be a must-visit destination for foodies and steak lovers alike. With its anticipated opening just around the corner, San Diegans and tourists are already clamoring to book reservations, eager to savor every succulent bite and bask in the unparalleled dining experience that The Remy is sure to deliver.

For more information about The Remy’s opening, visit, and prepare to be transported back to a time when indulgence and elegance reigned supreme in San Diego’s culinary scene.

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