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Representative Ashley Hinson speaks at Linn County GOP convention



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Saturday was the day that Congresswoman Ashley Hinson visited the Linn County Republican Convention to address the assembled members.

According to Hinson, the party needs to achieve victory not just at the state and federal levels, but also at the county and city levels as well.

According to Hinson, the border is one of the most significant concerns that will be covered in this year’s election.
Concerns over the state of the economy were also included on the list of major issues that were on the ballot.

She can understand the concerns of the voters, according to Hinson, because she attends gatherings such as the one that took place on Saturday.

”My whole motto is to try to make Washington DC run a lot more like the state of Iowa and I can tell you that a lot of the time the backrooms conversations in Washington DC don’t reflect the kitchen table conversations we are able to have as Iowans in a room just like this,” Hinson said.

At the convention, Linn County District 3 Supervisor Louis Zumbach announced that he would not be running for re-election on the ballot. In an interview with TV9, he stated that he will be backing his daughter Brandy Zumbach Meisheid in her bid to become the supervisor of District 3.


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