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Scammers in Georgia pose as Johnson County police officers and are charged with several offenses



Iowa City, Iowa – In Iowa City, a plot to pose as Iowa law enforcement and terrify people into paying significant sums of money has resulted in the charges of at least one person.

Gregory Scorza, 24, of Douglasville, Georgia, is accused of identity theft, continuing criminal activity, and impersonating a public officer in a criminal complaint, according to officials.

Scorza and two other defendants, Anthony Cortez Jones and Demonte Brazil, allegedly traveled to Iowa to pose as law enforcement officers with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, according to the police.

The criminal complaint states that on September 27, 2023, the suspects threatened to arrest a victim if they did not pay a substantial sum of money when they were in Iowa City, in the 300 block of E Burlington Street.

The victim gave the accused $15,600, and they spent some of it in the Coral Ridge Mall on jewelry.

According to reports, Iowa City’s surveillance cameras captured the three suspects.
The three perpetrators, according to the police, had previously duped three further victims in Iowa. Police have not provided the cases’ specifics.

There has been a request for warrants to apprehend Scorza. Regarding this case, officials have not disclosed any new information, including if the other defendants mentioned in the investigation are still facing prosecution.