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The fundraising effort for the expansion of NewBo City Market has begun



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – To fund its expansion, NewBo City Market is trying to raise money. A gathering was held on Saturday to launch a fundraising campaign for that expansion.

The building’s leaders at NewBo want to add a second story.

In the twelve years after the market’s founding, the surrounding neighborhood has undergone significant development, according to Julie Parisi, Executive Director of NewBo City Market.

“Anyone who has been in Cedar Rapids for any amount of time knows this area was really devastated by the flood in 2008. So in 2012, when this market building was renovated, there was— it was pretty, you know, not a great feel in this district.”

However, now with so much growth and change to the area, Parisi said, “It’s really a time for us to say, ‘Hey, how can we adapt and also grow to meet the needs of the community?’”

The expansion was the solution that NewBo leaders came up with.

Approximately $3 million of the $6 million required for the project has been raised thus far by NewBo. Of that, the city of Cedar Rapids contributed $100,000. According to Parisi, her group is also working on grant applications in order to get funding from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

A treatment clinic, a grocery shop, an indoor stage for year-round events, and a podcasting studio are all part of the development.

“This neighborhood in particular and the downtown district [are] areas that are what are considered a ‘food desert.’ There’s not fresh, healthy food available for sale. With thousands of residents now living in the district, we want to be able to have them have a space where they can walk to, grab some fresh food, grab a loaf of bread, some milk, and feed their families,” said Parisi.

According to Parisi, work will begin in January 2025. She went on to say that the goal is to minimize the impact on the market’s enterprises.

“We’d like to be able to have them still be open as long and as frequently as possible during construction.”

She advised anyone interested in donating to get in touch with them personally.