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The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations is looking into an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Cedar Rapids



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – A 911 call requesting an officer to attend to the caller’s residence at 31st Street NE in Cedar Rapids was received by the Cedar Rapids Police Department a short while after 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

When a second caller asked for police to check on the well-being of the first caller, a second 911 call was placed. The first caller was armed, according to the second caller, and was making suicide and homicidal threats. When Cedar Rapids Police Department officers arrived, they discovered both callers.

Police approached the first caller who was armed with a firearm in a high-risk manner. The suspect raised his gun in defiance of verbal orders from the officers for him to put down his weapon. The suspect was struck by three of the cops’ bullets and collapsed to the ground. As emergency personnel arrived on the site, the suspect passed away.

There was gunfire that also struck the second caller. The second caller had multiple gunshot wounds and was sent to the hospital. The shooting did not result in any injuries to police personnel. The incident does not appear to pose a threat to the community.

The Division of Criminal Investigation Major Crime Unit has been requested by the Cedar Rapids Police Department to look into the shooting incident involving an officer. The scene was examined with assistance from the Division of Criminal Investigation Laboratory Crime Scene Team.

The identity of the suspect is yet unknown. Additionally, the identity of the second caller remains undisclosed. During the inquiry, the three Cedar Rapids police officers engaged in the shooting have been placed on critical incident leave. Additionally, the identities of the police engaged in the gunshot have not been made public.