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The Mississippi River Bridge in Lansing reopens on Saturday



Lansing, Iowa – The Mississippi River Bridge, which links Crawford County, Wisconsin, with Lansing, Iowa, reopened at 11 a.m. on Saturday following safety inspections and repairs. Since two piers moved and the bridge buckled on February 25, the bridge has been closed.

The Iowa DOT’s contracting partner, Kraemer North America, put a lot of effort into replacing the piers, which are now held up by steel pipe pilings that extend more than a hundred feet to the bedrock. The ancient pilings were barely forty feet deep and over ninety years old.

The trusses of the bridge were also taken out and repositioned. A certified bridge inspector examined the trusses as well, following National Bridge Inspection Standards. No flaws that would prevent the bridge from reopening were discovered by the inspector.

Near the bridge, Wisconsin Highway 82 will have temporary traffic signals for those entering the bridge from Wisconsin. When the contractor needs to transport supplies and machinery to the project site, the new signals serve as a safety element that stops traffic. Most of the time, the signals will be green, and it is not anticipated that they will impede traffic.

The water taxi service between Iowa and Wisconsin has ended with the opening of the bridge. Furthermore, the new bridge’s construction is proceeding as planned.