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Throughout her tenure at Iowa, Caitlin Clark has generated millions of dollars in revenue for the state



Iowa City, Iowa – In her four years donning the black and gold, Iowa women’s basketball player Caitlin Clark has delivered fans highlight after highlight. However, new data indicates that the Clark Effect is resulting in Clark-onomics, which is bringing millions of dollars into the state.

Caitlin Clark is renowned for her clutch shooting, poise under pressure, and ability to make big shots. establishing her as a star above the locals.

“I saw her at Target once and started fan-girling,” said University of Iowa Senior Heather Tustin. “I was like, oh my gosh, it’s Caitlin Clark.”

According to recent research conducted by Common Sense Industries and Think Iowa City, supporters like Heather Tustin are giving the state millions of dollars.

“I would say probably close to $350-375; yeah, it’s pretty crazy,” said Tustin.

Clark’s contributions to the game have won over even the competitors.

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but we did go to the bookstore yesterday,” said Holy Cross Women’s Head basketball coach Maureen Magarity. “There was one shirt that we were looking for that was about to be sold out. We might have had to buy that.”

The analysis revealed that Clark-onomics had earned $52 million during her tenure in Iowa City via the sale of tickets, attendance at dinner, and merchandise. The analysis demonstrated how much money could be used to purchase tickets to the State Fair for every Iowan, hundreds of acres of cropland, and thousands of students in Iowa. Doug Shellnutt, owner of Iowa Book, says he is not shocked.

“We cannot keep her t-shirt on the sales floor long enough to meet all the demands,” said Shellnutt.

Josh Shamberger of Think Iowa City claims that when Clark joined the team in 2020, the impact she had on the fan base was immediately apparent. It has only expanded in tandem with Clark’s rising stardom.

“What used to be ‘Hey, can you turn on the Iowa women’s basketball game on one of the TVs at a local restaurant or bar’, turned to ‘nobody was going to come to your restaurant or bar unless you had the game on every TV’.”

Shamberger claims that because Clark is a talent who transcends generations, it will be difficult to equal the revenue the women’s basketball team has been able to bring in. However, enthusiasts such as Tustin simply wish to savor the moments while they last.

“To have stuff like this, it’s pretty cool to know that I can take away from college and I think it will always be a way for me to remember the fun that I had,” said Trustin.