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Trainer Bria Young helps women achieve body confidence and healthy lifestyles



Bria Young is a trainer and owner of Bnickfit – a fitness brand focused on women. After playing collegiate basketball and graduating, Young began training at boot camp style gyms, and eventually became an Orange Theory Fitness head coach.

During that time she grew her own training business. In 2018, she was given an ultimatum by the owner of the company to stop training on the side or else. He told her that at her age she wouldn’t be successful in running her own business.

Young stepped out on faith and quit the next day to focus on Bnickfit fulltime. Focused on training only women, she was able to quadruple her business in a year’s time.

In 2019, she ventured into the virtual training world and released a line of fitness resistance bands and equipment. Young now trains hundreds of women both in-person and all over the country online with the goal of helping them feel confident in their bodies.

Rolling out spoke with Young about her training journey and helping her clients achieve healthy lifestyles.

What have been the most significant changes from when you first started?

My body and my clientele. I have been able to transform my body tremendously. I eat clean and lift heavy. My clients work hard and don’t complain. I have created an army of amazing women.

How do you maintain healthy eating habits without making excuses?

By keeping a balance in my life. I enjoy a cheat meal weekly and take the day off from the gym if my body isn’t feeling it.

What advice would you give an entrepreneur interested in becoming a trainer without an exercise or fitness background?

Transform your body first. My business started because women wanted to look like me. If you don’t do it for yourself, people won’t trust you to do it for them.

How do you want to impact the culture with your health and fitness techniques?

In a world of social media and comparison, I want to show women that we can build curves and healthy lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime.

How important is exercise in the daily lives of Black people?

Exercise is medicine. We are already at higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. I was able to go off my high blood pressure meds by improving my exercise and diet.

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