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Two Iowa men facing charges after buying lottery tickets with fake checks



Iowa – According to authorities, two men of Iowa have bought lottery tickets for more than $800 with fake checks and made a total profit of $134 on some of the tickets.

They are facing multiple felony charges and must pay bail worth thousands of dollars in order to get out of prison.

One of them, faces charges of trying to cheat the Iowa lottery and forgery, while the other one faces the same allegations as well as a felony theft count.

According to documents, a total of $824 in lottery tickets were bought with fake checks from a convenience shop by the suspects from July 18 till July 19 on six different occasions. According to the police, the suspects returned to the shop later to cash out $958 from the winning tickets.

They were both taken into custody on August 3 and remained in jail on a $30,000 and $5,000 cash bond.

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