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Volunteers clean up debris after tornado in Boscobel



Boscobel, Wisconsin – Last week, an EF3 tornado struck Boscobel in Grant County, Wisconsin, approximately 30 miles east of Prairie du Chein.

Today, volunteers rushed to Boscobel to assist with cleaning. The event was held by the city’s Fire Department.

The tornado destroyed six homes and damaged twenty others with many homes being just missed.

Local workers, such as Jeremy Berge, a first responder, are among the volunteers. Many people, he says, have taken on a dual role, assisting emergency management with cleanup while also doing their regular jobs.

“During this entire week, the response has just been incredible. Volunteers have come from obviously locally here, they’ve come from out of state, they’ve come from other communities around southwest Wisconsin…the response has been phenomenal” said Berge.

All of the clean-up activities, he says, are the result of individuals going out of their way to help. Christian Ministries, for example, was one of the organized groups that came out to assist.

“It’s just great, I mean it restores your faith in humanity I’ll tell you. To see this many people turn out, people that don’t even know people here, they just come here because they want to help and they have been great. It’s just been remarkable.”

Cleanup will resume at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

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