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Davenport’s man trial for killing a man at gas station to begin



Cedara Rapids, Iowa – The trial of a Davenport man, Todd Jenkins, accused of shooting and killing a man, Reginal Ward, at a Cedar Rapids gas station in 2019 will begin on Wednesday.

On October 30, 2019, a shooting occurred at a ‘Kum and Go’ gas station at 1st Avenue NE and 32nd Street.

Jenkins has been charged with carrying a weapon with intent and first-degree murder.

According to the police, the 25-year-old went from Davenport to Cedar Rapids with a loaded revolver and waited outside his ex-girlfriend house to confront Ward.

When the couple left with their car, Jenkins allegedly pursued them and participated in a road rage incident with Ward.

According to the police, the two vehicles stopped at the gas station, Jenkins shot ward and escaped to the Quad Cities.

Jenkins was arrested in an Illinois motel.