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Cedar Rapids teen participates in 50 Yard Challenge



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Logan Haines is a 13-year-old teen who likes to do two things during his free time in the summer: helping people and mowing.

Since May, Haines has been participating in the 50 Yard Challenge.

“When I first asked Logan about it, he’s like, no, I’m not doing it. The next morning, he was like alright I’ll do it,” Logan’s mom, Amber Kirchhoff said.

Kids can participate in the 50 Yard nationwide challenge to provide lawn care to the elderly, disabled, single parents and veterans as soon as they receive a challenge shirt.

Haines has mowed 22 lawns across the community till now and a lot of the lawn owners are very satisfied with his job. In order to complete the challenge Haines has 28 lawns left to mow.

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