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Downtown Cedar Rapids sees the return of the Sapadapaso Parade



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – In Cedar Rapids, the SaPaDaPaSo parade will march through the downtown area on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

The parade’s idea was first hatched by a group of friends who were brainstorming ideas. There were only three or four floats in that initial parade, which spanned only a few blocks.

There will be a few more floats in the parade this year than there were last year, with over 80 total.

This year’s parade will feature the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile as well.

The parade is sponsored for the first time this year.

The organizers claim that it will enable them to carry on this unique custom.

”It’s about 12 people that do this so having a little bit of help with fundraising from the sponsors makes it a little bit easier on those of us that are doing that and hopefully that will help us to continue the tradition well past 50.″ Michelle Lochner, the Sapadapaso Parade Committee Chair explained.

In addition, Lochner advised wearing green and scouting out your seat early if the weather is nice.