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The renowned Marshalltown geese require additional water for their pond



Marshalltown, Iowa – The residence of Blossom The Goose and her companion Frankie is Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown. However, according to KCCI’s Beau Bowman, the cemetery lacks a reliable method of supplying water to the pond, which puts the geese’s home in jeopardy.

The couple has spent the last year making Riverside their home, but they are concerned that Frankie and Blossom may have to go because the city’s lease, which provided funding for the pond’s water, is coming to an end.

The general manager of Riverside, David Shearer, looks after Frankie, Blossom, and the cemetery. According to Shearer, he had intended to dig a well and pump water into the pond. However, according to the Iowa DNR, they are not allowed to drill a well within 200 feet of a cemetery.

The new strategy is to pump water from the Iowa River as a result, but Shearer is having problems hiring a contractor to complete the work.

“Our biggest problem is we can’t get anybody to come and give us an estimate on how to do this,” Shearer said.

Although Shearer acknowledged that pumping water from the River would not be a simple process, he would still like a contractor to at least offer a project estimate.

“I don’t know if they’re afraid we don’t have money or whatever, but maybe it’s just too big a project for some of them.” Shearer wondered.

Call 641-753-7891 if you know of a contractor who would be prepared to provide Riverside Cemetery with an estimate.