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A New Art Installation in Cedar Rapids’ Metropolitan Lobby



Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The Metropolitan, which is tucked away on Cedar Rapids’ west side, is launching a brand-new creative project that aims to alter perceptions of the downtown area.

The Metropolitan’s board started the installation in November 2023 to give the lobby an urban feel that reflected its connection to the downtown Cedar Rapids redevelopment.

“We are especially happy with the new art in our lobby because it conveys an ‘uptown’ feel about Cedar Rapids and the folks who live in the downtown area,” said the HOA’s president Jim Arenson.

The commission for artwork that animates the lobby wall and captures the expansive downtown perspective from the west went to local artist Bill Bollman.

“For me the interesting part of this opportunity was to make people stop and think about what they may not put a lot of thought into,” said Bollman. “Downtown is special with its iconic buildings and ever-expanding skyline. We should take the time to appreciate it. Plus, we’re trying to encourage people to come back downtown to live and work. Art can be that catalyst for a change of mindset.”

Visit to see the art piece and discover Kingston Village’s distinctive viewpoint of downtown Cedar Rapids.

For questions on The Metropolitan and its artistic endeavor, call 319-440-1416 and speak with Jessica Bollman.


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